When I first saw Swift in June, I knew that I wanted to use it everywhere. Apple promoted it as a language that could span from operating systems to simple scripts. I wanted that future where I could build web apps as cousins to native apps, with the same tools and languages. I wanted that balance between performance, safety, and development speed. After a few months of playing around with Swift and following the chatter in the community, I was surprised that I didn't see anyone moving in that direction. I started to think that it was just a crazy, impractical idea.

To prove myself wrong, I started building Tailor.

After a couple months of work, Tailor has started to get interesting. It can accept network connections. It has a MySQL wrapper with a tiny ORM. It supports building routes around controllers, with a simple templating system. It has a built-in authentication library with secure password storage. 

I'm eager to get feedback from other people in the community with different backgrounds and more experience. I think this project is the beginning of something interesting, but it is still the beginning. I don't even have a production environment that can host this blog. I have an ample supply of ideas for where to take this over the next several months:

  • Expanding the libraries for localization, authentication, and modeling 
  • Adding libraries for mailers, background jobs, and serving APIs
  • Building a suite of demo apps that can be run in a production server
  • Improving the documentation and simplifying the process of getting started building Tailor apps

The code is available on Github, and I'm working on sample apps. You can reach out to me with any feedback. I'm excited to see what the community thinks of my quixotic endeavor. 

- Brownlee